piątek, 29 czerwca 2012

Sen i Java

You could call this improvised land art, but I prefer to think of it as reappropriation of symbolic space...

And if I were to imagine a mythology of these mountains, it would certainly include these two mushroom species: Amanita pantherina and Phallus impudicus

[Phallus impudicus "devil's egg" or "witch's egg" (Hexenei, œuf du Diable, czarcie jajo)]

"The rate of growth of Phallus impudicus has been measured at 10–15 cm per hour. The growing fruit body is able to exert up to 1.33 kN/m2 of pressure — a force sufficient to push up through asphalt [Rośnie w tempie 10-15 cm na godzinę [!], wywierając nacisk 1.33 kN / m2, wystarczający, by przebić się przez asfalt]".

And Java:

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