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He's from Drohobych and She's from New York, And They Just Won't Part, Ever

He's from Drohobych and she from New York and they met in the south of France, or in Kathmandu, or wherever, and he's Jewish, or Russian, or Polish, or Ukrainian, and she's older than him, and taller perhaps, and she paints, crafts, and sings, while he muses and writes, and they don't smoke n o t h i n g, though they used to, and they are these bohemian types that you never get to see much around for they are so shy and prefer spending time in Libraries or in the Countryside, and he's Marcel and she's Louise, or Elaine, or even Catherine, or not, and they have been inseparable since they met and just won't part, ever. It's their  p r i v i l e g e.

Matylda Woyda holds a BA in Make-Up and Wigmaking from the Warsaw School of Arts. Originally hailing from Warsaw, she lives and works in a huge old house in a small village at 1,500 feet altitude in the Izera Mountains in south-western Poland.

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