wtorek, 24 lipca 2012

At the Cutting Edge of the Bio-Revolution

At the cutting edge of the bio-revolution lies radical symbiosis with mushrooms and plants, going down to the genetic level, to produce a new human being able to face up to the challenges of modernity.

We believe that plants and specifically mushrooms hold solutions to most, if not all, of the problems that plague society and the individual today - from medical to philosophical.

As ancient traditions have been telling us all over, the INTELLIGENCE of plants and mushrooms is here for us. Busy looking out for extraterrestrial signals, we have overlooked something far closer to us. Or rather someone.

The intelligence increase and bioethical advancement that will result from a deep symbiosis with mushrooms and plants will make us immune to the various ailments of civilization, help cure diseases, solve the hunger problem, develop new ways of cross-species permaculture, and generally help us to understand much better the bioworld we live within.

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