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Z cyklu Bioróżnorodność / From the Biodiversity series: Gentiana / Goryczka / Enziane



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Some species are harvested for the manufacture of tonics and flavouring, as in bitters. The soft drink "Moxie" contains "Gentian Root Extractives".

The French liqueur Suze is made from yellow gentian. The Italian brewery Birra Del Borgo brews a beer, Genziana, with gentian as an adjunct.

Australian Lemon and Lime Bitters produced by the Bundaberg brewing company lists "Gentian Root" as one of the ingredients in its "Bitters Brew".

The Polish vodka Zoladkowa Gorzka is flavoured with gentian. Likewise it is an ingredient in the Italian liqueur Aperol.

The popular aromatic bitters, "Angostura", lists Gentian as fourth on its ingredients list.

It is approved for medicinal use by Germany's FDA equivalent to stimulate the appetite and digestion.

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